ALUKIN C 750 is a mid-range model that ensures a safe stay inside and around the boat. Behind the cabin there is a deck with a bench and stove, which has been adapted to your needs. A secure handrail makes the aft deck safe for mooring. It can also be used for sitting, loading or fishing. The handrail effectively protects against waves breaking through the stern and looking into the cabin. The height of the cabin is 190 cm. ALUKIN C 750 is the perfect boat for all weather for use all year round! Comfortable Grammer chairs, a set of beds and triple wipers as standard. Łódź is tailored to your individual solutions.


Length: approx. 7.5 m (7.1 m hull)
Width: approx. 2.34 m (2.22 m hull)
H (freeboard): approx. 0.75 m
Weight without engine: approx. 1520 kilogram
Tooling length: XL (25 “),
Engine size: 150-250hp
Maximum speed: 40 knots
Loose: own lubrication
Marking: CE / C
Number of people: 8