The ALUKIN CW 750 is a mid-range model, giving you an easy stay in and around the entire boat. Behind the cabin there is a deck area with a bench and stove. The aft deck makes it easy to moor and is large enough to load some and possible to use for example. pole. The spacious cabin is designed for the best possible visibility and full doors in front and aft make entry and exit smooth. The flap is operated from the driver's seat. The front deck has a length of 2.5m and the width of the flap opening is 1.28m which gives plenty of space to board an ATV. Standing height inside the cab is 195cm. The ALUKIN CW 750 is a perfect aluminum boat for use all year round!


Length: approx 7.70m (hull 7.25m)
Width: approx 2.42m (hull 2.32m)
H (freeboard): approx 0.75m
Weight without motor: approx 1542kg
Rigging length: XL (25 “)
Engine size: 150-250hp
Maximum speed: 40 knots
Loose: Self-lubrication
Marking: CE / C
Number of persons: 8