ABOUT ALUKIN CWA 850 (with stern)

Equipped with 2 Grammer chairs and full roof hatch as standard. Depending on the area of ??use, there are alternative stern solutions. Full door to a aft deck with rear seats / stowers behind the driver's seats, seating for 4 in the cab, or maximum rear-facing cabin with a full transverse aft sofa and three-quarter door out to the bathing jetties, total space for 6 people in the cab.


Length: approx 8.50m (hull 8.15m)
Width: approx 2.60m (hull 2.50m)
H (freeboard): approx. 0.75m
Weight without engine: approx 1950kg
Rigging length: XL (25 “)
Engine size recoil: 200-400hp
Max recoil speed: 40 knots
Loose: Self-lance
Number of persons: 8