A perfect experience

Dynamic driving pleasure

Bella?s innovative solutions have created a range of boats with safe yet dynamic handling. All of Bella?s new boats have been designed to boost the skipper?s confidence and improve the comfort of passengers. With a Bella, boating is fun, affordable and safe.

Diverse range of uses

Bella?s new boat range offers hull solutions for every preference. Whether you like to enjoy the spacious and comfortable deck solutions of a Bow-Rider or require the versatility of a pilothouse boat, Bella?s new range has just the boat for you.

Built to last

Our continuous R&D work and modern production process guarantees that you get a high-quality Bella boat that will retain its value. Our experts are constantly following boat building trends everywhere in the world, working in close cooperation with designers and raw material suppliers. You can therefore rest assured that only the best raw materials and supplies have been used to make your boat. Our international purchasing network guarantees that, in addition to impeccable quality, you can enjoy a great price-quality ratio.

In good company

The new Bella range offers you the most enjoyable boating experience. Let your boating dreams come true.

Details to get hooked on

The quality of a Bella emanates luxury and comfort, born out of uncompromising boat-building skill and Nordic design. Every detail has a function that improves the boat?s usability and characteristics. These details have been constructed from the best materials and designed with the needs of the boat?s user in mind.

Diversity that stands apart

The new Bella range is bursting with diversity and features that push the boundaries of boating. See our model range and experience the social dimension of boating in an entirely new way.