The ALUKIN SCR 850 is the boat that combines family needs and cruise characteristics with raw bark and functional design. The ridge in the bow provides comfortable space for overnight stays and has plenty of storage compartments, dimmer lighting and light entry. The cabin is also couchable between the stern, giving plenty of room for the whole family to stay overnight. Despite its spacious interior, the boat appears to be slender and well proportioned and gives a sporty look. The wide joint deck is 30cm wide in non-slip corrugated sheet with sturdy grab bars and safe railing, which makes the boat easy to get in and around. Comfortable Grammer chairs, bed set and triple windshield wipers as standard.


Length: approx 8.5m (hull 8.1m)
Width: approx 2.60m (hull 2.50m)
H (freeboard): approx 0.60m
Weight without motor: approx 2000kg
Rigging length: XL (25 “)
Engine size: 250-400hp Maximum
speed: 45 knots
Loose: Self-lubrication
Marking: CE / C
Number of persons: 8