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Our SUP board – easy to use and transport, made of the highest quality materials, specially designed for us who love NIMBUS yachts

Whether you go to the sea, to the lake or even to the mountains – an inflatable SUP board will be a perfect choice, if you already have a NIMBUS yacht – this will not let you forget about it, and if you do not have a NIMBUS yacht – it will help you dream about it.

Remember “dreams come true” – and beautiful NIMBUS Yachts are waiting for those who dream about them 🙂

Our SUP paddles – made entirely of carbon fibre, designed especially for us – with a surprising flexibility, the lowest possible weight, incredible durability and a shape that literally cuts through water – explore this wonderful SUP paddle, and dreams of Yacht NIMBUS will become a reality 🙂

At the end of November 2018 at the nationwide Gala “Luxury Brand of the Year” and “Successes of the Year” in Janow Podlaski, ECO MARINE Company presenting the magnificent SUP NIMBUS Edition was again awarded the award of the Luxury Product of the Year 2018 award this time.