SUP boards owe their popularity to their ease of use, the requirement of basic knowledge of paddling and the incredible pleasure of using them. Fully mobile, relatively lightweight set, which fits in an elegant bag is ready to travel to any place in the world.

Inflatable paddleboard designed by ECO MARINE is a versatile SUP board, perfect for beginners and medium-advanced users.

Triple layer of PVC provides a very high stiffness of the board, at the pressure of 15 Psi. The use of welding technology and the best materials allowed to reduce the weight of the board and increase its strength.

The SUP paddle, specially designed for us, is made entirely of carbon – it is distinguished by its surprising flexibility, lowest weight, incredible strength and a shape that literally cuts water.

Construction features:

  • the board is made of two welded PVC layers and reinforced with a third PVC layer on the sides, all around the perimeter
  • the welding technology has reduced the weight of the board - the lightweight construction not only provides comfort during transport, but above all, it makes it easier and faster to swim without the needless kilograms that increase the resistance of the board in the water
  • DROP STITCH technology was used with the highest quality materials
  • shortened time of preparing the board for use due to the use of a three-layer structure - the possibility of reaching a very high stiffness of the board already at the pressure of 15 Psi (1 Bar)

Board elements:

  • handle for carrying the board in the central part of the board
  • D-Ring for mooring the board at the bottom of the bow
  • D-Ring for attaching the leash in the back of the board
  • fin
  • upper deck of the board covered with soft non-slip foam for safe movement on the board
  • flexible cord to secure luggage


During the national Gala of “Luxury Brand of the Year and Successes of the Year”, the board presented by us, SUP NIMBUS Edition, was awarded with the Luxurious Product of the Year 2018 statuette.


Length274 cm
Width81 cm
Hight15 cm
Weight7 kg
Max. weight of the user160 kg
Pressure15 Psi
Included with the boardcarbon paddle, leash, bag, pump, repair kit