The Best Of Boats 2020 award in the "BEST FOR FUN" category goes to... NIMBUS T8!

The Best Of Boats 2020 awards gala, which was broadcast on social media, took place on 19 November 2020. Among the 21 finalists, competing for awards in five categories, was the NIMBUS T8 – and it won! First place in the BEST FOR FUN category belongs to the youngest child of the Swedish shipyard Nimbus.

"Nimbus has hit the sweet spot with its new Nimbus T8. It has easy and safe walkaround deck for socializing and all kind of water activities. A real life size cabin with separate toilet adds the comforts for the day and weekend trips. The Nimbus T8 is a joy to drive and is has a sparkling performance - it's made for fun and action!"

Best Of Boats 2020 Jury