Event plan

8 June 2024 /Saturday/
until 6 p.m. arrival of guests
12.00-18.00 yacht viewing
16.00 presentation and e-foil driving demonstrations
19.00 welcome party – grill and music

9 June 2024 /Sunday/
10.00-13.00 yacht tests
1:00 p.m. trip to the Kornati Islands
14.00 lunch on the Island
16.00 return to Marina

The event price (EUR 300 per person) includes:

  • dinner party on Saturday evening at Marina Pirovac
  • one night with breakfast at the MIRAN hotel from Saturday to Sunday (it is possible to extend the stay for an additional fee)
  • tests of NIMBUS, AQUADOR and FLIPPER yachts
  • a trip with the entire team on NIMBUS yachts on Sunday to Kornati Islands
  • lunch on Sunday in the Kornati Islands.
  • FREE: great fun, unique atmosphere and the smile of the NIMBUS CENTER CROATIA crew – which you will never forget.

We will present ten wonderful yachts, including the premiere of NIMBUS W11 and NIMBUS 405 Flybridge.

Please confirm your arrival to book accommodation:
GSM: +48 602 36 87 66


We cordially invite you to the largest yacht exhibition, BOOT DUSSELDORF on January 20-28, 2024.
We will be waiting for you in Hall 4 and Hall 6.

We will present five great premieres:
Pearl 72 with its interior design (Hall 6)
NIMBUS W11 with aft platform and opening sides (Hall 4)
AQUADOR 300 HT with outboard engine (Hall 4)
AQUADOR 250 HT with outboard engine (Hall 4)
ALUKIN Ocean Air 8 (Hall 4)

In Hall 4 you will also be able to see:

– NIMBUS Tender T11 T-top
– NIMBUS Tender T9 T-top
– NIMBUS Weekender W9 T-top
– NIMBUS Commuter C9
– NIMBUS 405 Coupé
– NIMBUS 365 Coupé
– NIMBUS 305 Coupé
– ALUKIN C 770

We also invite you to our NIMBUS CHARTER table. We will tell you about beautiful Croatia and the possibility of chartering a NIMBUS yacht.

Please contact us to book meeting dates.


GSM: +48 602 368 766

Warsaw Yacht Salon

We cordially invite you to the Autumn Sailing Fair, Warsaw Yacht Salon – PTAK EXPO 2023 in Nadarzyn from October 19, 2023 to October 22, 2023.

We will present 7 wonderful yachts, including 4 great premieres:
NIMBUS C9 a wonderful yacht perfectly designed to sail all year round – PREMIERE
NIMBUS W9 favorite weekender for daily trips for the whole family
FLIPPER 900 DC fast sports convertible, extremely agile
FLIPPER 900 ST one of the best models, spacious and reliable
AQUADOR 300 HT a real motorboat experience – PREMIERE
AQUADOR 250 HT unique and amazing, spacious and perfect – PREMIERE
LASAI 20 GL solar boat with electric drive – PREMIERE

Cannes Festival

We cordially invite you to the largest yacht exhibition on the water, Cannes Festival, from 12.09.2023 to 17.09.2023. We will be waiting for you at the PEARL and NIMBUS stands.

We will present you two great premieres: PEARL 72 and NIMBUS W11.

You will also be able to see on our stands:
-Pearl 62
– Pearl 82 rendering
– Pearl 95
– Nimbus Tender T11 T-top
– Nimbus 405 Coupe
– Nimbus Tender T9

Please write or call to book appointments.
GSM: +48 602 368 766



Event Program

June 10  2023 /Saturday/                                                                                                                June 11 2023 /Sunday/
Till 6 PM arrival of Guest                                                                                                             10.00-13.00 tests of yachts
12.00-18.00 yachts viewings                                                                                                      13.00 excursion to Kornati Island
16.00 demonstration of riding on the e-foil                                                                               14.00 lunch on the Island
19.00 welcoming party, barbecue and music                                                                            16.00 return to Marina Pirovac

Price of the Event (300 EURO per person) includes: 

  • Party with dinner on Saturday evening in Marina Pirovac,
  • One night with breakfast in the hotel MIRAN from Saturday to Sunday (it is possible to extend the stay for an additional fee)
  • Testing of boats NIMBUS and AQUADOR
  • Trip with the whole team on Sunday to Kornati Island on NIMBUS and AQUADOR yachts
  • Lunch on Sunday on Kornati Island

A Gift: great fun, unique atmosphere and smile of the NIMBUS CENTER CROATIA crew that you will never forget.

We will present you ten great yachts, among which the premiere will be the NIMBUS T8, NIMBUS T9 and NIMBUS C8 as well as the AQUADOR 300 HT-there will also be a surprise.

 Please confirm your arrival in order to book accommodation:  
GSM: +48 602 36 87 66

Event on the water

We cordially invite you to the Event on the Water, which will take place on April 29-May 3, 2023 at the Lake Tajty on the pier at the Tajty Hotel in Wilkasy. Together with the hotel team, we also invite you to an evening party with music and a drink.

The exact address where we will be waiting for you is HOTEL TAJTY, ul. Przemysłowa 17, 11-500 Wilkasy.

We will present you seven beautiful yachts:
NIMBUS Tender T8 1x Mercury V8 250 PS White Edition,
NIMBUS Tender T9 SPORT with Mercury 2×225 PS White Edition,
FLIPPER 900 DC 2x Mercury V8 300 PS White Edition,
FLIPPER 900 ST 2x Mercury V8 300 PS White Edition,
FLIPPER 800 DC 1x Mercury V8 300 PS,
FLIPPER 700 DC 1x Mercury V8 250 PS,
FLIPPER 650 DC 1x Mercury V6 200 PS.

See you!!!

Smaki Chorwacji

W dniach 10-12 marca 2023 zapraszamy serdecznie do Hotelu Moran SPA, w którym odbędzie się wydarzenie z udziałem ECO MARINE – Smaki Chorwacji.

Wszystkie szczegóły na stronie Hotelu Moran

Chorwacja to słońce, jedzenie, wiatr, woda. Chcesz poczuć Chorwację na polskiej ziemi, skorzystać z doświadczenia i wynająć jacht motorowy w Chorwacji, nabyć jacht, o którym marzysz i eksplorować nim wody Adriatyku? Spędzać na nim niezapomniane chwile w Chorwacji i jednocześnie “pozwolić mu zarabiać”?
Skorzystaj z naszego doświadczenia i spotkaj się z nami w Hotelu Moran.

Wydarzenie na Facebooku


Serdecznie zapraszamy na największą wystawę jachtów,
BOOT DUSSELDORF w dniach 21.01.-29.01. 2023 rok.
Będziemy na państwa czekać w Hali nr 4 i w Hali nr 6.

Zaprezentujemy trzy wielkie premiery:
Pearl 72 w Hali nr 6
NIMBUS C8 w Hali nr 4
AQUADOR 300 HT i AQUADOR 250 HT w Hali nr 4

W Hali nr 4 będzie można także zobaczyć:

– NIMBUS Tender T11 T-top                                    – FLIPPER 900 DC
– NIMBUS Tender T9 T-top                                     – FLIPPER 800 DC
– NIMBUS Tender T8 T-top                                     – FLIPPER 650 DC
– NIMBUS Weekender W9 T-top                            – NIMBUS 365 Coupe
– NIMBUS Commuter C9                                         – NIMBUS 305 Coupé
– NIMBUS 405 Flybridge

Zapraszamy także do Hali nr 4 obok stoiska NIMBUS na nasze stoisko NIMBUS CHARTER. Opowiemy państwu o pięknej Chorwacji oraz możliwości czarteru jachtów.

Zapraszamy do kontaktu, aby zarezerwować terminy spotkań.


GSM: +48 602 368 766

POLBOAT Yachting Festival

We cordially invite you to the Marina Yacht Park in Gdynia, where on July 21-24, 2022, a unique yacht exhibition will be held – POLBOAT Yachting Festival.

During the event, we will present two great units:
NIMBUS 305 Coupé with engine Volvo Penta 1 x 220 PS,
NIMBUS T9 Sport Edition powered by two engines Mercury 2 x 225 PS.

Please contact us and sign up for meetings: and by calling +48 602 368 766.

See you on the water!

As in the previous year, the event is not ticketed, but entries to the berths will be limited. First of all, people will enter the exhibited units. who will sign up for meetings in advance and guests invited by the exhibitors and partners of the event. People interested in visiting should make an appointment with the exhibitors using the contacts provided at the units registered for the event.

Exhibition program


ECO MARINE Boats Center d.o.o. is pleased to invite you to the 22nd CROATIAN BOAT SHOW, which will be held on April 26-30, 2022 in the beautiful Croatian city of Split.

We will be waiting for you in the company of three wonderful yachts:
NIMBUS 405 Coupé powered by two Volvo Penta D6 engines with 2 x 380 PS,
NIMBUS Tender T11 with two mighty Mercury V8 engines with 2 x 300 PS,
FLIPPER 900 DC powered by two powerful Mercury V8 engines with a capacity of 2 x 300 PS.

See you on the water!

Open days of the Salon in Giżycko

On March 4, in the Masurian town of Giżycko, the ceremonial opening of the NIMBUS and FLIPPER yacht showroom was held, which gathered many wonderful guests, including from Sweden. The aim of the showroom opening is to make available and show our customers the wonderful NIMBUS and FLIPPER yachts, as well as AQUADOR yachts – which will come to us soon. The whole event was graced by a great singer who made our time with her guitar music. Below we present a movie and a few photos that are a souvenir for us of this wonderful celebration.

Thank you for your presence and we invite you back!


We are pleased to invite you to the Nimbus Open Days, which will take place on May 7-8, 2022 in the Croatian Marina Pirovac. You will be able to watch and test as many
as 10 units !!!

Here they are:
NIMBUS 405 Coupé 2x Volvo Penta D6 380 ps,
NIMBUS 365 Coupé 1x Volvo Penta  440 ps,
NIMBUS 305 Coupé 1x Volvo Penta D3 220 ps,
NIMBUS Tender T11 2x Mercury V8 300 ps,
NIMBUS Tender T8 1x Mercury V8 250 ps,
NIMBUS Commuter C9 1x Mercury V8 300 ps,
NIMBUS Commuter C8 1x Mercury V8 250 ps,
FLIPPER 900 DC 2x Mercury V8 300 ps,
FLIPPER 900 ST 2x Mercury V8 250 ps,
FLIPPER 700 DC 1x Mercury V8 250 ps.

The exact address of the marina: Obala Rtine 1a, 22213 Pirovac, Croatia.
The entire event plan can be found in the invitation on the right :))

See you in sunny Croatia!