We cordially invite you to the Event on the Water, which will take place on June 3 and 4 (Thursday, Friday) at Lake Bełdany on the pier at the Mazurski Raj Hotel in Ruciane Nida
Together with the hotel staff, we also invite you to an evening party with music and a drink.
We will present you four great yachts, including two world premieres:
– NIMBUS T8 with Mercury V8 250 PS White Edition engine – premiere
– FLIPPER 900 DC with two Mercury V8 250 PS White Edition engines – premiere
– FLIPPER 650 DC exclusive version with Mercury V6 200 PS engine
– FLIPPER 800 DC with mighty Mercury V6 350 PS engine
There will also be surprises 🙂
The exact address where we will wait for you is Hotel Mazurski Raj, Piaski 5, 12-220 Ruciane Nida.
Together with our Partner Nautica Resort, we invite you to the opening of the port in Wilkasy and to the evening bonfire on Saturday, June 5, you will be able to see beautiful apartments and a new port where our units will be located.
See you on the water!